February 22, 2011

Sugar Goodness

Over the weekend I made some body scrubs. Don't get me wrong I like store bought scrubs but I just wanted to see if homemade is the same and I really liked the final product. It's just like I bought it. The plus side to making my own is that its customized and it lasts for a few months. I started off by following this tutorial from Prudent Baby but mixed it up a little. In my scrubs I used sugar, sugar in the raw, Johnson's baby oil with aloe vera & vitamin E, and added some Eucalyptus and Spearmint message oil (the essential oils were a little to strong). You should try it out. It leaves your skin smooth and soft.


  1. I love sugar or salt scrubs but I always find that they leave me kind of oily. Any tips to combat that?

  2. Sometimes I use a shower gel after I use the scrub and this minimizes some of the oil:)