October 31, 2011


I hope you all have a great Halloween :) and if you live in Florida I hope the rain doesn't damper your day!

October 25, 2011

lil Ideas!

A few of my close pals are having baby's and I wanted to make them some things. I have a few ideas like making baby bibs and a crochet blanket but I needed a little more inspiration. So I decided to go looking around and found these tutorials.

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One really great source was Prudent Baby they have so many ideas. Do you know of any other ideas/sites for baby gift tutorials?

October 22, 2011


So my mom came to visit for a few weeks and we had a blast. Shopping, eating out, pedicures, getting hair done, visiting family, friends (the Griffin's), and some more shopping of course. I LOVE spending time with her :) its completely priceless. I already miss her but I will be seeing my whole family shortly for the holidays :)
So here are a few iPhone pics from the past few weeks (photo heavy).

October 18, 2011

Hoot Halloween Owl

Have you entered the giveaway yet? I'm doing a giveaway for Halloween with Gleeful Things. You should check it out :)

Two lucky winners will be receiving this special Halloween Owl :) The giveaway ends October 20th so you still have a few days to enter.

October 12, 2011

Halloween Is Coming!!!

Since Halloween is slowly approaching I decided to find a few things to make on good old Pinterest. I really haven't started decorating so I need to get moving or as I would say ZOOM ZOOM. Here are a few tutorials I found :)

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Have you started to decorate?

October 4, 2011

The Circle of Life!

Woot! The Lion King came out on DVD today. I can't wait to watch it :) Timon and Pumbaa are awesome. Also the The Lion King Broadway musical is amazing to. If your into musicals and of course The Lion King you will not be disappointed :)  If you can't tell already I LOVE Disney/Pixar movies.

I'm also super excited because my mom is flying in tomorrow. I can't wait! Shes going to be here for a few weeks so its going to be a blast :)

October 3, 2011

Hello Fall!

Here are a few pics I took over the weekend. I decided to go to the mall and see what some of my favorite stores had for fall. Urban Outfitters, the Anthropologie store, and Williams-Sonoma never disappoint. I was really inspired by a few things I saw.

Nieman Marcus had a beautiful display of white butterflies hanging down and I couldn't resist I had to take a picture.

I worked on my random granny square blanket and I'm so close to finishing. I also added some pouches to my Etsy store :)

This weekend felt so amazing outside. It wasn't to hot or to cold it was PERFECT. I absolutely love fall weather :)

I hope you all had a great weekend.