March 21, 2011

Weekend In Pics

This past weekend I went apartment hunting with Jerry in Orlando and we finally decided on a place. I can't wait to move soon minus all the packing and fuss. Below are a few pics I took this weekend with my iphone. I visited a new mall in Altamonte Springs, went to get cupcakes, took some pics for my shop, and relaxed a little:)


  1. Oh cool! When are you moving? And there's a new mall in Altamonte?

  2. I'm moving in a month to the Waterford Lakes area. I can't wait and the mall isn't new I just never visited there before:)

  3. Very cool! We live over by Universal Studios. Good luck with your move!

  4. I'm moving too! I can't wait to decorate!

    I also want cupcakes now...