July 18, 2011

Sweet Lemon

I wanted to share this recipe I found over the weekend for Lemon Cookies. Its so delicious and if you like lemons you will love this. The recipe can be found here and I decided to make my own frosting. The lemon frosting is 2 cups powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of milk, and one lemon zested and juiced, mix together (this only covered 1/2 of the cookies).

Its a lemon explosion lol.

On another note over the weekend I spent the day at the hospital with my cousin because he had surgery. It was a complicated and super risky procedure but he came out perfect with no complications. I started a new blanket the pattern can be found here. The squares are big and beautiful. Jerry and I had our 5th Anniversary on the 15th:) Holy moly we have been together for 5 years its gone by so fast.

We also went to see the Harry Potter movie. Now I can't wait to see the next Sherlock Holmes movie since I saw the previews:)

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