August 22, 2011


Here are a few pics from my weekend. Jerry and I went to the Millenia Mall where I got a few of Heidi Kenney's blind box dessert key chains and key caps. On a side note holy smokes look at this adorable tee over on kidrobot (ps I want).

We went to Ferris and Fosters to make our own chocolate. We went on date night which is Friday and made a pound of different kinds of chocolate. Jerry was a little hesitant cause hes like really another crazy idea but he loved it. They demonstrated how to make truffles, chocolate covered items like potato chips (delish), molds, cups, and fillings. It was so awesome and I'm defiantly going to do it again.

On Sunday I made Jerry some Star Wars buttermilk pancakes with some molds from Williams-Sonoma. These molds are kinda tricky but cool:) I also added a few more items to my shop.

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