September 20, 2011

Lil' Trip

Over the weekend Jerry and I went to Tampa. He went to shoot a video with a friend and I hung out with Tori. We decided to go See Tim Gunn. Yes, Mr. Project Runway himself. There was a fashion show at International Mall in Tampa so we got there like an hour and a half before it started. Luckily we got some seats before they were all taken. He was a host and super informational on the new trends also what clothing flatters certain types. (Pic is by Tori)

Then afterwords Nordstroms was doing makeup so I got mine done by MAC and got a few products:). I had my favorite tea from Teavanna, got some Frosted Cranberry candles at Bath and Body Works (love love this scent), did a little sewing, crocheted, spent time with the Killebrew clan, and drove for miles.I had so much fun minus some allergy problems:(

How was your weekend?

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