December 9, 2011


I decided to make some ornaments this year and wanted to share a few tutorials with you. This Grinch ornament is made out of fabric and several embellishments.

If you would like to make a stuffed ornament you will need the following supplies.

Fabric with any design
Coordinating fabric for the back
Polyfill Stuffing
Embroidery Thread
Embellishments (sequins and beads)
Embroidery hoop (optional)

First pick out a design and cut out a rectangle or square (to have extra room). Once the piece is cut start embellishing the fabric using sequins, beads, embroidery, ect. I decided to use a embroidery hoop to make things a little easier (this is optional).

When finished adding embellishments cut out a piece of coordinating fabric for the back.

Place both pieces of fabric good sides facing each other, pin, and cut the desired shape including a seam allowance. Sew around the piece either using a needle and thread or sewing machine. Leave a small opening and flip the fabric inside out. Then stuff the lil guy with polyfill, sew the opening shut, and add a ribbon for hanging :)

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