July 10, 2012


Over the weekend Jerry and I went to Downtown Disney. I love everything Disney/Pixar so I was super excited. It was scorching hot outside but the boat rides, movies and walking around made it worth it :) Even though I live in Orlando I don't really go that often. But when I do go I always have to go to Goof's Candy Co., VinylNation, Basin and of course the super huge Disney store. Goofy's Candy Co. has the most amazing Peanut Butter cookies ever and a tons of other sweets. 

VinylNation always has something new whether its a new line of blind box Mickeys, Star Wars art on the walls or large Mickey's in the showcase I'm always wanting more then I need lol. Oh look at the Mickey lights..... they don't sell them but I want to make them cause these are to adorable :)  The Mickey chandelier is a must have for any room lol..... I love the bright colors.

I could go there everyday and not get bored.... Oh and their opening a Splitsville there soon. YAY! 


  1. I miss just being able to get up and go hang at Downtown Disney. People watching at its best! Great pictures, Elise!

  2. Thanks! Are you coming back to visit anytime soon?